Thursday, November 18, 2010


I was reading through some blogs today and saw this question on lighting. I don't have an exact answer to the question, but wanted to share my lighting philosophy.

My  cheap, money-conscious side has always been blown away by how expensive light fixtures and lamps can get. As a result of that, there are a few things I always pick up at thrift stores/building supply stores when I see them- specifically- lamps, lamp-shades that are in good shape and more modern and unique light fixtures. As a result- here is some of our collection. (The other batch is in the basement and waiting on when we actually work on the specific rooms)

Spray painted in Red. Was brass with 'green shades'. Will likely paper the shades once I get the right fabric/paper.

  Spray painted brass fixture to white.

Lamp from thrift store. Shade from different thrift store. Fabric from Tonic living. 

From LeGeudewill.

Was resistant to this one. It had a hideous orange film. Hubby removed film and cleaned it up.

From Was on sale.

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