Friday, November 19, 2010

Master Bathroom

For the most part, we have completed the master bathroom. We still need to install one light fixture, do some painting and hang some artwork.

There was a lot of drama trying to gut and re-configure the bathroom. Our initial problem was that while my husband was gutting the bathroom he discovered that there was concrete underneath the old ceramic tile. There was A LOT of digging involved. We also re-configured our large master bedroom to give more room for a shower and a laundry section in the new bathroom.

Shower with Carrara marble and multi-shower head that I found at a builder's sale.

Large Rainfall Showerhead and a little 'nook' for shampoos, soaps etc. Would eventually like to replace the shower curtain with a glass door.        

Tub - Vintage tub coated in black and legs restored.

Another view of the tub

Sink. Purchased a dresser and had it retrofitted to fit a sink on top.

Tons of storage

Mirror. Old mirror that was meant to be 'temporary' while I found 'the one', but is working out OK as 'the one'.


  1. What a fabulously gorgeous bathroom! I'm loving every corner of it! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

  2. Thank you for the sweet compliment Kellie. It made my day even more wonderful :)