Sunday, July 18, 2010

The kitchen before

Here are a few pictures of the kitchen before the renovation. It was actually an almost-new kitchen, but a really badly planned one, and one that was not practical for us. Everything was cramped, you would open one cabinet and end up bumping into the wall. The backsplash was to ummmm... yeah- backsplash. 
The flooring was interesting. There was a layer of laminate, over a layer of vinyl that had been put down with some black goo-ey glue, over original hardwood floors. Getting that taken care of was DRAMA- and I will post about it later.

There was an opening into a 'pantry' that we ended closing off to get more cabinet space. And my not-so-favorite this was the popcorn ceiling.

The kitchen was galley-style and small compared to the rest of the house. I love a space to entertain, and so we opened everything up and created a kitchen dining combo.

Enough about the old kitchen, this week I was at a random tile clearance store in Virginia, and was able to score some white carrara marble subway tile for the backsplash. 137 square feet- my contractor says it will be enough- for 50 bucks. SCORE!!!!!!

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