Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well- its about time!

So I will be very upfront- I am not a great writer! So the idea of getting this blog together to document the process of our renovation has been a tad frightening. At the same time, part of me feels like all the blogs that I have been reading have been really helpful in enhancing my creative senses, and I should do the same for other.  So here goes......

We have had our new home for about 2 months now. This was not our first home, and this is not our first renovation, but this one is a little more emotional seeing that we are not planning to move any time soon. We have moved three times in the last three years, but this time we will be staying put until when we decide to get out of DC altogether.

Our home is in the District of Columbia, in a 'neighborhoody' area that is a mile from the excitement of Dupont Circle yet covered with green from Rock Creek Park. Cooper is our dog, and he loves that he can get out of the backyard, and onto the trails at the park. Our house is a decent sized house for a DC house- and an 'upgrade' size-wise from our old house, which was (and I am not exaggerating)- THE SMALLEST DETACHED VICTORIAN IN DC. (We checked all the records!)

In the first month of buying our home, we focused on getting central air conditioning going. (Will post more on that later). Needless to say- it did not get done in time for our June 1st move-in, and we were stuck in the DC summer heat for a week or so. Our next project was getting rid of the yucky kitchen and the powder room that was in the middle of the dining room. We have made progress with the kitchen, and I can't wait to share all the details with you in upcoming blog posts.

Welcome to Casa Cooper :)

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