Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Kitchen- part two

I had a lot of 'splainin' to do because my contractor had never installed a pot-filler before (and he swears he had never seen one in a house). A pot filler is a faucet that you add close to your stove, so that you do not have to do a lot of heavy lifting of water from the sink to the stove. When I started shopping around, they were pricing at around $200 to $1500. One rainy afternoon, I looked on, and found this one. It is now over $900, but for some strange reason (and apparently a pricing mistake on their end), it was listed for $132. So that is how much I paid for my pot-filler.

My cabinets are good old 'Lidingo' cabinets from IKEA. A little while ago, I was skeptical about using IKEA cabinets, until I read an article on Consumer Reports that ranked IKEA cabinets highest in the basic brand, and even better than several mid-level brands. I knew I wanted white cabinets, and IKEA has three different versions. I went with Lindingo because of the style of the glass pane (it was not frosted), and because the lines are clean, but not ultra-modern.

There were two things that blew my budget in this renovation - even though I did manage to recoup the costs in other kitchen savings. One of them was this fun microwave. It is a microwave drawer and fit perfectly in the top part of a 24 inch cabinet. Aside from it being a perfect fit, it is a convection microwave oven and has so many great features that I cannot list them all. 

My love affair with the Bosch started when my friend Jess told me about the birthday gift that she received from her husband. A BOSCH DISHWASHER- and how great it was. Now, I love this dishwasher. It is an ultra, ultra quiet, but very efficient. My German husband says- well, what do you expect- it is GERMAN ENGINEERING!

One thing we did not realize immediately was that this dishwasher needs a rinse-aid to dry the dishes. Once we figured that out we were very happy. It is very quiet, cleans great and is very energy efficient.

More to come- the faucet, the countertops and the wine cooler. And what is left to be done?


  1. Hi there! I somehow stumbled upon your blog and was completely psyched with the fact that it's brand new! I saw your response to your first comment and completely understood the excitement. I started my blog at the end of June and am still working my way around it. Either way, I think your kitchen looks fabulous! Keep up the good work!! Check me out sometime

  2. I'm a pretty practiced Ikea spotter but I really wouldn't have known your cabinets came from the big I. And your appliances are beautiful, especially with the marble.

  3. Hey ya Tatum :) and I am so psyched that you commented too. I was a little nervous about blogging the process, but I seriously cannot tell you how helpful it has been reading other people's blogs. Cannot wait to check your out.

    Alexis- thanks for the lovely compliment. I spent way too much time at the big I debating the cabinets.