Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kitchen renovation progress- Part One

I was so excited to get my first comment today. Thank you ADD. I love your blog, and I was so pumped that you checked out my 'beginner blog'. ADD just completed a kitchen renovation that is especially yummy. You can check it out here.

Speaking of being a beginner blogger- I will apologize in advance. I only have my super duper iPhone 4 for a camera, and have not been able to get the best of pictures. I will have to make do until I get one of those super duper cameras with some photography classes. (Hopefully, my husband is reading this)

When we first bought our home, I knew the kitchen was not going to work for us for a number of reasons. I like to cook (A LOT), and that translates to having decent prep space and enough storage space. I also like entertaining, and have always enjoyed having a kitchen where guests can hang out too. Our old kitchen was a smaller galley kitchen next to a larger dining room. (The dining room had a full bath in it, but that is a whole different story). We decided to tear down the wall and create a more open kitchen/dining room combo with an oversize island. Here is an overall picture.
(There are several things that still need to get done. Have not picked a light fixture, not picked paint, trim work etc. )

In planning the kitchen, I had to build around a few things that I already had (or already had in mind). I had purchased a full size fridge and full size freezer (for 350 dollars a piece!) at a builder's auction earlier this year. I wanted to have a wall of storage with the fridge and freezer. They were both counter depth and 30 inches wide.

Also, I wanted to get a professional gas range and electric oven, but did not have a VIKING and SUB-ZERO budget. I did a lot of research, and 'settled' for a Bertazzoni stove which was significantly cheaper than the Viking, but had great performance and reviews. I decided to call around to a few stores to purchase a floor model (since they carry the same manufacture's warranty). I was able to find a Bertazzoni Heritage stove and matching hood for less than the price of an entry level stove ONLY. The stove was still 'my big splurge' in the kitchen, but I saved a few thousand dollars by doing lots of research and calling around. There are so many things I love about my stove, but that will take an entire post to document.

Part two follows tomorrow.


  1. I am in love with your stove and your techniques for getting great prices. What a gorgeous piece of engineering.

  2. Oooooh.... I am so excited that you posted a comment (yes, I am a little dorky like that!)

    My stove really gives me great joy. Yesterday, I made cornish hen for some friends, and it cooks everything so perfectly. I will do a post on the features at one point, once I figure them all out.